We offer a variety of services aiding lower income families of Henry County. We are able to serve our community by offering…

Life Pantry

Open Mondays and Fridays from 10 am – 12 pm (PLEASE NOTE- No pantry services available from 11/22-1/3), families can receive perishable and non-perishable food items along with clothing items. Each family will receive clothing and food quantities based on the size of their family. 

We understand children need clothing for school, newly pregnant mothers may need maternity clothing, or business attire might be necessary for a job interview. Winter coats are also available when the temperature begins to drop outside.

Please remember to bring a valid form of ID, Social Security cards for each family member, and proof of income and current address the first time you visit the Center. After your initial visit, you will only need to bring a valid form of ID.

Christmas Giveaway

Christmas is a special time for children. They love sharing in the anticipation of what Mom and Dad will get them and talking about those special gifts at school after Christmas break. Imagine a child in need who receives nothing at Christmas. This child may have a hard time understanding that their parents have little to no income. It is for children like this that Westminster Community Center holds an annual Christmas giveaway. 

Families can fill out an application for their children (under the age of 13) to receive Christmas gifts. Through the generosity of our community, we provide toys and clothes for these children and have the gifts available for parents to pick up.

Emergency Utility Assistance Fund

By collaborating with other organizations we are able to help those who are in threat of having utilities shut off. We extend a helping hand to further assist you rising above this season of life. 

Bring in a valid ID and the bill you are struggling to pay.

Other Services

In the past, we have also helped the community with programs such as well-baby check-ups, mentoring, basketball league, roller skating events, vacation bible school, computer classes, garden club, and much more.

Through community support, Westminster Community Center has made a difference in the lives of many people.