Living Above Circumstances

By Jeff Kundert, Director, Westminster Community Center

Have you ever become acquainted with someone whom you have an immediate connection- like you have known them for a lifetime? They seem like they are a brother (or sister) from another mother! Several years ago I experienced one of those encounters. I was introduced to this special lady in the food pantry at Westminster. She had a different spirit about her. Life was not easy, but she seemed to live above her circumstances!

It was a necessary routine for her to go to kidney dialysis three days a week faithfully. Her Bible was her companion and prayer her means of finding consolation. Though her needs were many she never portrayed an attitude of entitlement, but only gratitude for what Westminster was able to share with her. We gave her a warm coat to cuddle up in during her treatments, but her greatest need was Ensure Max Protein Nutrition Shakes, which boosted her energy. Insurance would not cover the shakes anymore, but when they became available at the Center she was the recipient. When she was told that she was required to do two hours of community service to be assisted in our food pantry she never spoke a negative word. She resolved to pray two hours a month bringing the needs of the Center before her Lord. I knew that she was a woman of faith and that the devil needed to move out when she lifted up her powerful prayers to Jesus.

When she prayed, things happened, and I was grateful for her spiritual empowerment. On occasion, she would call me on the phone and I would attempt to do my pastoral duty by encouraging her, only to find I was the one enriched with promise and hope. Relationships like these are rare, but when they come they impact your life.

When you are part of Westminster Community Center, you are part of connections like this. We reach out to meet not just the physical, but also the spiritual needs of families. Are you interesting in partnering with us to continue building connections? There are a few ways you can get involved:

Share a skill. Can you help transport people to medical appointments? Can you teach a family how to prepare healthy meals? Can you help plant a garden?

Give of your time to serve at the Center during our open-pantry hours: Mondays and Fridays from 10 a.m. to noon.

Consider a monthly donation to Westminster Community Center. Your regular donation helps Westminster continue to connect with others who need both physical and spiritual support.

You can send your donation to:
Westminster Community Center
PO Box 603
New Castle, IN 47362

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