A Life Pantry

Westminster is a “life pantry”: Beyond food and clothing, we provide important answers and connections to help each person in our community live the life God has called them to.

We strive to create trusting relationships with those we serve. Honesty and openness are essential for these interactions to happen. At Westminster we understand that you may be visiting us because you are in a season of life that has you down. Rather than staying down, our goal is to help you rise above your circumstances.


The Circle of Generosity

We recognize the power of generosity, and want each person involved with Westminster to experience the delight of paying it forward. Because of this, we ask Westminster participants to give back two hours of community service. It’s part of what we call “The Circle of Generosity.”
Our Henry County community gives generously to Westminster.

Our Center, in turn, gives generously to families in need.

We ask our participants to give back to our community.

Each entity pays it forward to create a circle of generosity.


Our history

Westminster Community Center was founded in the summer of 1956 by First Presbyterian Church and their denomination. The Center a 60+ year history of helping to connect people with relationships and resources needed to thrive. With an emphasis on serving in a community setting, we strive to work alongside multiple area churches, community leaders, and neighbors to create opportunities to break out of the cycle of poverty.

We believe that everyone who walks through our door has value and a unique purpose- each has something to give. No matter what our circumstances may be, there is always something we can contribute to others.