A Freezer Full of Blessings

Since opening its doors in 1956, Westminster Community Center has made a lasting impact on Henry County. On average, the Center helps at least 300 families a year with basic needs. Westminster volunteers often tell their participants- “Don’t be too full of pride to ask for help, this is just a stage of life.” The Center had to follow its own advice when one of their main freezers stopped functioning.

In order to keep the amount of frozen food needed to operate the food pantry aspect of the ministry, plenty of frozen storage space needs to be available. When this main freezer broke down and couldn’t be repaired, it limited the services the Center could provide. Being down a freezer was not going to be an ideal permanent option and Jeff Kundert, Westminster Community Center Director, began seeking help from local grants.

With help from both the Henry County Community Foundation and Henry County REMC, a new three-door freezer was purchased and is now in use to serve Westminster participants.

“Our new freezer not only impacts the quantity of products we are able to serve, but also the quality,” Jeff Kundert, Westminster Community Center Director, expressed. “We can now expand the variety of frozen food items we distribute to our families.”

One of the key aspects of Westminster’s mission is the concept of “the circle of generosity.” In this circle, the community gives to Westminster, Westminster gives to those in need, and those in need participate in the circle by giving time and service to the community.

By providing this functional, spacious freezer, the community continues this circle of generosity. Now the Center will be able to serve more effectively, creating opportunities for those in need to learn the joy of generosity.

For more information about Westminster Community Center and the services available that include—but are not limited to—food and clothing, please reach out by calling 765-529-5124.

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